What is Arduino in details ?

What is Arduino

What is Arduino this type of question rises in every mind of people who is belong to eletronics,IT or other related field so in simple words  Arduino is an Italian company that makes open source hardware and open source software or IDE (integrated developed environment).

What is Arduino
What is Arduino
Arduino is like an empty mind that we can do anything. That's why Arduino is also called open source.Arduino can also be called a mini computer. Because Arduino  works just like a computer. The way we give some commands to the computer and then the CPU reads our command: As we opened the calculator in the computer and type 5 + 7 the computer sent this command or question to the CPU, then the CPU read it and told us the answer. Given 12, Arduino does something similar.

If you want to understand more easily, then we can say that Arduino microcontroller is an empty brain, in which you can upload memory by coding or programming through arduino software, so these are called open source.

Arduino works like a cpu of a board computer. Right now the microcontroller of the arduino of this time that we can take up is like a small mobile phone, these old time computers which needed a very big room to keep, Computering Arduino's small microcontroller board is many times better than those computers

These microcontroller can read the sensor and write the same value i.e. we can tell it like a thermometer which senses the temprature on the display with decimal value print rocontroller microcontroller microcontroller microcontroller microcontroller

Arduino hardware is such a programmable computering plateform on which the user can work together to prepare the electronic brain by mixing the hardware and software and can control the electronic devices from that electronic brain.

What Does it Work

To control an electronic device, you can make many electronic projects and can also make a machine like an Computer Numerical Control machine from an electronic device and use Arduino in robotic barin, home automation and many other things. You can use it in many electronic projects and you can make many gadgets like sonar, pocket radar,Android phone Home Automation,Bluetooth Camera Stand etc.

What is Arduino
What is Arduino

Part of Arduino 

I am writing about the parts of Arduino that need to be known, by making Arduino uno Base:-

Pirinted Board:-

It converts all the circuit part of the arduino into a circuit board. All the componets are made together to make the arduino printed circuit board.

USB connection:-

Through this Arduino software can upload the code / program written in the computer to the arduino board and it works to power the arduino board.

GND Pin:-

This pins is a short form of GND Ground, it reduces the ground for external circuit for another terminal.

5volt power supply:-

This pin is used to provide power supply to the entire circuit and another similar pin is 3.3volt which gives power supply of 3.3 volt to the circuit.

Analog pin:-

These pins are from A0 to A5 in Arduino uno i.e. total six pins, these are analog analog input pins like an analog sensor like potentiometer, temprature sensor etc. Can read or sense and convert the received value to digital value or signal

Digital pin:-

digital pin gives output from arduino board from 0 to 13 from which it outputs and outputs on all output components like servo motor, lcd display, led etc.

PWM pin:-

pwm ie pulse width modulation pin this pin is pwm sign (~) in arduino uno it is 3,5,6,10,11 this is a type of output that is received after input from analog sensor Comes

Reset button:-

This is a very usefull button of arduino which when pressed or pushed, our uploaded code or program is reset and run / start again if we have written our code / program in the void loop then the arduino board gets power only. Once run, but after reset button press, the program will run once again, in such a situation, we will not need to give the power cut again to check / test the program and remove the usb cable and re-install it.

Arduino UNO

The most popular Arduino uno microcontroller board of the Arduino family which has an ATmega328 processor, it has 16 input Output (I / O) Pin which has 6 pwm pin which is a good for beginner if you also know basic fundamentals of electronic. So you will be able to use Arduino uno and Arduino Mega is the biggest microcontroller of this family which is used to provide electronic projects kits also Arduino can be given power from usb cable and power from power from Ac to Dc Adapter can be given.

What is Arduino
What is Arduino

How to program an Arduino

Most of the supporters of Arduino will choose the official, built-in development environment (IDE) for the Arduino, especially when they are started. The Arduino IDE is a Java open source program that works on a multitude of systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux. The IDE allows you, with syntax highlights and other characteristics, to write code in a unique setting to make it simpler to code, and then simply load your code onto the system with a button.

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