What is Html (Hypertext markup language)?

What is Html (Hypertext markup language)

Html is a Markup language which is called Hypertext markup language. Html is most commonly used in creating web pages. By using Html language, we explain to the Web Browser what the information user of our webpage should look like. The website you are reading now has also been used using Structure Html language. Hypertext and markup are two different terms, the definition of which is as follows. or HTML is a means of presenting information in the World Wide Web in a beautiful and attractive way. HTML(Hypertext markup language) was created by Tim Berners lee in 1991. 

What is Html (Hypertext markup language)?
What is Html (Hypertext markup language)?

Hyper means that HTML does not work in sequence. As in any programming language, next statement is executed after one statement. If there is a link in an HTML file and the user clicks on it then it becomes open.Programming language like - Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, C ++ etc. Much easier than learning, but because it is a basic thing. So to move forward in this field, you need Markup language like - Html, Xml etc. It is very important to learn.

It does not matter how many elements are there before it and whether all of them are loaded or not. All elements of an HTML file are independent of each other. It is also not necessary that no other HTML file can be executed before any one HTML file. Like HTML elements, all HTML files are also independent of each other.

What is Html (Hypertext markup language)?
What is Html (Hypertext markup language)?

Hypertext links two web pages within a text. So that when a user clicks on that text, it will access it on the next webpage. Thus, the links available on web pages are called hypertext.

Markup language is used to create the structure of any web page. Apart from html, DHTML, XHTML, XML XSLT etc. There is also markup language. But Html is the most commonly used language.
History of Hypertext markup language-:

Html was started in 1990 by Tim-Berners-Lee (a physicist working in a French Organization as a Contractor). Initially, Html language was used for Document Sharing. After some time, Lee finally wrote to Browser and Software specifying html. After that, only Html language is being used to create a webpage. If you learn Html language well then it will be easy for you to create a website.

Now because Html is the most commonly used markup language, the biggest question is, how to learn html? So let's know by now what is html? Now let us show you how to learn Html language.

How to learn html? 

The most important to learn html is to have knowledge of html tags. Html has many types of codes. Which are called html tag. Which informs the browser where and how to display the text inside the web page . All these html tags are already programmed in the computer. That is why as soon as you give the command to the browser with the help of these codes, it immediately understands the language of these Html tag and shows it in the web page. Although the list of Html tag is very long, but there are some basic tages which are basically used. is as follows.

Html Basic tags.

1. Html tag - <html>
2. Head tag- <head>
3. Title tag- <title>
4. Body tag- <body>
5. Heading tag- <h1>
6. Paragraph tag- <p>
7. Line break tag- <br/>
8. Centering content tag- <center>
9. Horizontal line tag- <hr>

There are many more tags. Which is very difficult to tell in a post. Because we are talking right now, What is html, So here we will tell you the basic things. But almost all of our tags and their functions and how to use them? Will give full information about this in next post.

What is Html (Hypertext markup language)?
What is Html (Hypertext markup language)?

The html tag is split into two Catagory.

1. Paired tag - 

Another name for these tages is Container tag. Which are used as Pair. That is, these tags have both Opning and Closing tag.

For example- Html tag is Opening tag <html>, and Closing tag is </html>. In the same way, they are also closed by putting forward slash / next to the rest of the tag.

This means that to use them properly you will have to use both these tags. Only then you will be able to create a web page.

2. Unpaired tag–

These tag is also called empty tag. They have no closing tag. line break tag <br/> comes in this catagory.

So hopefully, by now you must have known what html is ? So let's learn how to create a basic web page using Html language.

How to create a simple web page from html?

To create a web page from html, you have to open Notepad on your computer. For better Coding experience you can use Notepad ++. Now just understand the method given below.

Basic Html Document.

<! DOCTYPE Html>

<title> What is html in hindi </title>
<h1> html kaise sikhe </h1>
<p> Hypertext markup language </p>

Lets know more about the html. 

What is Html (Hypertext markup language)?
What is Html (Hypertext markup language)?


Text is most important in a web page. Text is the information that a web page is designed to present. HTML text is used to format and present in web pages.


Markup means formatting the layout and style of the text. You mark text by tags. The text is shown in the web page in the same way tags are marked by text. For example, if you mark a text by <h1> tag, in the webpage that text will appear as big and bold heading.


HTML is a language used for web development.

Cascading Style Sheet 

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is also used with HTML which is used to design the web page even better. Apart from this, logic is added to web pages using JavaScript with HTML and they are made dynamic.

HTML Versions

So far many versions of HTML have arrived in the industry. Some new elements are added to every version of HTML. All versions of HTML are described in detail below.

HTML 1.0

This was the first version of HTML.Very few individuals realized this language at that moment, and HTML was very restricted as well. At that moment, HTML could do nothing more than create simple text web pages.

HTML 2.0

This version had all the features of HTML 1.0. With this version, HTML had become the basic medium to develop a website.

HTML 3.0

HTML had become very popular by the time this version arrived. This version was stopped because of a compatibility problem with browsers. But later it was introduced with new and advanced tags.

HTML 3.2

In this version, some new tags were added after the previous version. This was the time when W3C declared HTML as standard for website development. The use of HTML was no longer limited and it was being used extensively.

HTML 4.01

The cascading style sheet was also introduced in this version along with some new tags. HTML had become a completely modern language by this time.

HTML 5.0

This is the latest version of HTML. Some new tags have been provided for multimedia support in it. You can get more information about HTML 5 from HTML5 in Hindi tutorial.


This version came after HTML 4.01. XML was added to it with HTML.

Thank you so much for reading the What is Html (Hypertext markup language)?

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