What is real mode?

What is real mode

Real mode is an operational mode that allows newer Intel 286 processors to acquire the characteristics of the reduced 8086 or 8088 processors, enabling them to operate older programs. Real mode provides a higher clock speed, but only restricts the processor to a 16-bit and a minimum of 1 mb RAM  instructions.

What is real mode
8086- What is real mode

The real mode is based on intel processors 8086 & 8088.

The original IBM computers contained 8088 processors that could use 16 bit internal registration to execute 16 bit instructions with 1 mb using 20 address lines.

The Intel 80286 and subsequent processors support an execution mode. The Intel 8088 and 8086 microprocessors are imitated in real mode although they operate at a faster speed. The other accessible mode is known as protected mode.In virtual mode, these microprocessors can run several real-mode programs at once. 80386 and later microprocessors support a third-mode called virtual 8086 mode.

The real mode is called the 16-bit instruction mode for 8088 processors.

All software must use only 16 bit instruction and operate in 20 bit memory architecture in real mode.

In real mode there is no multitasking,no protection  to keep one program from overwriting another program.

The real mode is used by DOS  and its applications.

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What is real mode?

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