Subnetting in detail /Explaination of subnetting.


The approach of subnetting is the division into more than one logical subnet (subnet) of a single physical network. A network segment and a host segment is included in an IP address. Subnets are intended for assigning smaller subnetworks within the initial network by taking bits from the host portion of the IP address and using these bits. Subnetting enables the organisation, without needing to obtain an Internet Service Provider (ISP) network number, to add sub-networks. Subnetting reduces network traffic and masks the complexity of the network. Subnetting is crucial for the allocation of a single network number across many sections of a local area network.Initially Subnets were designed to resolve the IP address shortage over the Internet.

Subnetting in detail /Explaination of subnetting.

Every IP address is a subnet mask. All class types including the subnet mask known as the default subnet mask, such as Class A, Class B and Class C. The subnet mask is designed to determine the type and number of IP addresses needed for a particular local network. The default gateway is the firewall or router. The subnet mask by default is as follows:

ClassA:, ClassB:, ClassC:

The method of subnetting enables the administrator to split into smaller parts a single Class A, Class B, or Class C network number. Subnets can be subnetted to sub-subnets again.

The following benefits are to divide the network into a number of subnetworks are:

1.By limiting the number of broadcasts, it is useful to control and reduce network traffic.

2.Any organization is allowed to subscribe to its network without having to have a new network IP via an internet service provider (ISP).

3.Subnetting was so useful in solving the problem of missing Internet IP addresses.

4.Enabling the use of two or more LAN technologies in the same network together.

5.Subnets are also helpful in minimizing the size of the internet routing tables as additional network numbers are not added to the table.

6.For security reasons such as accounting and sales segment, if you want to isolate segments.

7.If you want to isolate bad segments that use most of the LAN, such as domination hosts.

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