What is Guided media in detail.

 What is Guided media

  • The guided media utilizes a cable system that directs information signals along a certain path and information signals are linked through the cable scheme.
  • Media is also regarded as Bound Media. In earlier phrases, cabling is intended in a general context and is not intended to be understood as copper wire cabling alone. Cable is the medium through which data generally passes from one network device to another.

Guided media in detail.
 What is Guided media in detail

Guided media in detail.
What is Guided media in detail

  • In the design of data-guided media, the most important concern is the data rate and distance in general, the better the data rate and distance. The data rates and distance determines a number of design factors relating to the transmission medium and signals.


1.High speed.
3.Used for relatively smaller distances.

Basically the guided media is classified into the following type.

Guided media in detail.

1.Fibre Optic Cable (Click Here).
2.Twisted Pair Cable (Click Here).
3.Coaxial Cable (Click Here).

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