What is SPGA (Staggered Pin Grid Array)?

SPGA (Staggered Pin Grid Array)

  • SPGA is a extention of PGA.
  • An integrated socket type or a pin  out with a staggered pin grid array with the edge of the socket, placed in a few squares. The structure is also referred to as crossing squares.
  • In SPGA the pin arrangement in digonal row.
  • SPGA include 2 squre array of pin in both direction.
  • SPGA is ideal for high pin density devices.
  • SPGA is usually used for Socket 5, Socket 7 and Socket 8 platform motherboards for processors.
  • SGPA is used for reduced the size of microprocessor.
  • The advantage of SGPA is that it consist of claster pin and more pins for a specific surface.
  • SGPA has better transfer capacity in a similar size chip.

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What is SPGA (Staggered Pin Grid Array)  / SPGA in detail.

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