Share Market / What is a share and share market?

What is Share

A share is generally part of a company's ownership. An individual who acquires a part of the capital of a business becomes a shareholder in the assets of that company, and that person receives an annual dividend share in the company's profits.

In the finance sector, the share is an accounting unit for different financial instruments, shares, limited partnerships and REIT. A document issued by a company that authorizes its owner to become a proprietor of the company is simply a share or a stock. A share is issued or bought from the stock market. A share is issued. 

You can earn a share and by selling the shares you gain a capital gain, the dividend plus and the capital gain. You can then earn a dividend plus. There is also, however, the risk that you will sell the share at a lower price. 

Share Market / What is a share and what is a share market?
Share Market / What is a share and what is a share market?

Stock and Share Facts: 

Over time, stocks have an average annual return of approximately 10 percent, but stocks do not offer a guarantee of returns and can also value, even over the long term. 

With an equity or a share you are the company's partial owner and in certain company issues you have voting rights. 

Inventory investments can generate dividend returns, even if the price is the same. 

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What is share market?

sharemarket serves as a source of capital for enterprises as a major role in the share market. Companies that wish to expand their business can share their business. Stocks / shares are the property of the share market of the company sold to investors. Individual stocks constitute the ownership of a small unit company. These small units are referred to as stocks that can be bought or sold on the sharemarket. 

Share market is like a corporate-investor interface. The stocks of companies are listed in the share market. These inventories are available for purchase by investors. In order to sell their stocks, the money collected is the accumulated capital of their companies. The main advantage of raising capital from the share market is the freedom of interest. This accumulated capital is used by companies. In contrast to bank loans, if the interest or the fund is borrowed, no interest is claimed by the share capital. From an investment point of view, the stock market is the best option on a long term basis. Besides investors, money on the equity market is very liquid. You can easily sell your holdings on the day you want it. 

Share Market / What is a share and what is a share market?
Share Market / What is a share and what is a share market?

Most of them are like gambling on the share market. People believe that playing the share market simply means' purchasing high and selling low,' people don't worry about why stock prices drop. In reality, however, the share market functions much more logically than a roulette game. It is not gambling for trained investors, it requires pure logic of business. The share market can be predicted fairly accurately if it is properly practiced. However, many of them do not want the pain of understanding the logic of the share market. 

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There are two kinds of share markets:

Primary Market:

By issuing shares on the primary market through IPO process a company or government raises money. 
The problem can be public or private placement. The issue is public when shares are allocated to more than 200 people; if they are allocated to less than 200 individuals, the issue is private. 
The share price can be based on the fixed price or the issue of building a book; the issuer decides the fixed prices, which appears in the offering document; where the price of an issue is determined based on the investors ' demand. 

Secondary Market:

In the secondary market, the shares purchased on the primary market can be sold. The secondary market operates via the counter (OTC) and the traded exchange market. OTC markets are informal markets in which a particular transaction to be settled in the future is agreed by both parties. The traded markets of the exchange are highly regulated. Also known as the auction market where all transactions take place through the exchange. 

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Share Market / What is a share and what is a share market?


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