What is PLCC(Plastic Leaded Chip Carrior)?

PLCC(Plastic Leaded Chip Carrior

  • PLCC is in 'j' structure four sided plastic body package.
  • Lead count range 20 to 84 mbps & body structure is 1.27mm.
  • PLCC is reduce the cost of LCC.
  • PLCC is introduces in 1983 and provided swappable socket for fast transmission in ROM.
  • PLCC is the extention of LCC.
What is PLCC(Plastic Leaded Chip Carrior)

  • PLCC is a SMD integrated circuit package that allows ICs to be attached either directly to a board or within a socket on a printed circuit board. 
  • It offers the options of developing the same IC in which the PLCC may need to be regularly deleted for such reasons as firmware update. The PLCC can then be soldered to the board if the design is stable. 
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What is PLCC(Plastic Leaded Chip Carrior)?

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