What is PGA(Pin Grid Array)?

PGA(Pin Grid Array)

  • PGA is used in 5th Genration processors.
  • PGA is rectangular or square in shape mount in PCB(Printed circut Board).The pins are usually 2.54 mm apart (0.1") and can cover the whole underneath of the package.
  • PGA has large width Data Bus as compare to DIP(Dual inline Package).
  • PGA starts with Intel 80286 microprocessors.
  • PGA is in Plastic Packageing layout with organic plate.

What is PGA(Pin Grid Array) / PGA in detail.
What is PGA(Pin Grid Array)

  • The biggest advantage is the number of pin are maximum as compare to DIP so that the more connection are established.
  • PGA is less reliable due to number of maximum pin makes limitation on electrical capabilities.
  • PGA is cheaper then other Grid.
  • Depending on the size and complexity of the IC, the array may form a number of parallel rows of pins on two opposite sides of the package or around all 4 sides.

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What is PGA(Pin Grid Array) / PGA in detail.

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