What is MCM(multi chip module)?

MCM(multi chip module)

  • A multi Chip Module (MCM) is usually an electronic component, with the integration of multiple integrated circuits, semiconductor dies, and/or other discrete components usually on a unifying suspension, so it is treated as a single component (as if it were a larger component) in use.
  • A multi chip module (MCM) is a multifaceted, integrated circuit (IC) package assembled in one device.
  • MCMs are more efficient and can significantly reduce the size of a device.
  • MCM improves performance as the interconnection length between the dies is reduced, also with the Lower Power Induction.
  • MCM has lower load capacity and less crosstalk.
  • MCM has lower power off - chip driver and smaller size. 
  • MCM low cost silicon sweeping and reliability improved.
  • Increased flexibility, as well as simplified design and complexity in the case of several components being packaged in one device, in order to integrate various semiconductor technology.
  • A new development called MCM chip - stack allows vertical configuration of dies with identic pinouts, which enables further miniaturization, making them suitable for use in personal digital assistants and mobile phones.

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What is MCM(multi chip module) / MCM in detail.

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