Valentine's day, Rose Day, Hug Day and Other days with Image in Detail.

Valentine's day

On February 14, each year, Valentine's Day is celebrated. It's the year that love is in the air. This is also the ideal time for your boyfriends, girlfriends, friends and family to know how much you mean. Valentine Week is celebrated in the days preceding Valentine's day. There is a special importance every day of this week. Valentine's first day is celebrated on the 7th of February as Rose Day.The next day is Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day and Promise Day. The week ends on February 14 with the much anticipated Valentine's day, celebrated as a day of love worldwide. 

When I was young, no one called the Valentines Day or everybody called the day of Saint Valentine. Radhanath Swami explains the true meaning of Valentine Day when I was young. You remember? You remember? They are just calling it Valentine's day because they don't want to think of holy people (laughing). Because it is actually totally inconsistent with the whole idea of the day of Valentine. Who was Valentine's holy? Two holy valentines were there. And both of them were celibate monks that preached the conscience of God. One of these priests was the Catholic priest who, in the second half of the Third Century, lived in Rome and preached the message of the love of God with great enthusiasm; that means just two and a half hundred years after Jesus Christ. And while preaching Christianity is contrary to the law, it was a criminal activity, preaching, risking his life and brahmachari. 

He was a priest who, for preaching the instructions of love of God, sacrificed his life as a member of the family, had every relationship with sex and was arrested, tortured and killed. He is one of the Catholic Church 's great martyrs. Then he was a bishop in the catholic church, the second Valentine's saint. He was also a celibate monk who dedicated his entire life to the conscience of God, and was a priest, and tortured and killed him because of his unwillingness to give up preaching devotion to God. Saint the Valentine who sacrificed all of the pleasures of this World to serve God, the two great personalities, the life itself. So today you might wonder what Valentine's Day has to do with Bombay. I see no celibate, at least they are not supposed to give valentines. But Valentine's saint has been celibate. 

As his mother, he respected each woman. But a little bit different as the date of the murder of both these saints was February 14, so 14 February is the mid-second month of the year in England and Frankreich. It's like spring starts. Yes? Yes? Yes? We celebrate basant panchami tomorrow, early spring. 

Now, just this spring, what people saw is begging, on February 14, men and women met in the trees and caught up together. This is the season of the match. The opening of the birds and beasts match season. So, for what it is, devotees view it. But they are very appealed to romantic materialists when they see a male bird and a female bird biting each other with their beaks and having sex. Something very nice is considered. Since the middle of February it was the day that birds mate, they thought it was a day for us to consecrate your passionate love with others. Because that is what the birds do, it was the day when Valentine's saint was murdered, so that it became known as the Valentine's saint day. 

So what Saint Valentine's day really means, for a religious person, is that they give up everything and are willing to suffer torture and murder at the Lord's service. This is Valentine's Day for a Vaisnava or a devotee. But St Valentine's Day is a materialist person's path in the footsteps of lustful birds.

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Rose Day

Every 7th of February the very first day of the love week is known as the ROSE Day. This is both the most beautiful and the most exciting day of the love week because people can express their thoughts to whom they love or who they would like to make friends or friends. You can not only express your love to friends, teachers, family members, colleagues, etc. through the day of Valentine's Rose. 

Propose Day.

As the title suggests, the day you can express your feelings about your loved ones is the day you propose. This is Valentine's second day. This year's Propose Day is going to fall on Friday. Use this day to make your crush aware of your liking, or to share with a dear man your feelings. 

Chocolate Day

Maybe the best day of Valentine's week, particularly for sweet toothed people. Every year, on February 9, Chocolate Day is celebrated. Saturday is going to fall this year. On Chocolate Day you can make your feelings kindergarten, friend or family. Chocolates have been used to signify love for many years and they are dedicated to the third day of Valentine's Week. 

Teddy Day.

What better way than with an adorable bear to say "I love you? " Sunday to celebrate teddy day surprise your friend or another significant with a cute teddy bear. They are the perfect gift for all, even parents of this Valentine's week, from couples to sisters. 

Promise Day.

Promise Day is an important day of Valentine's Week. On the day of the promise, people reaffirm their commitment to a relationship and vow a permanent bond. Promise Day is going to fall on Monday this year. Use this day to text a beloved one and let them know what loyalty and love they mean for you. 

Hug day.

A hug comes to the rescue when words fail. On Hug Day, hug your partner, friend or family. Hugs are probably the most widely used way to show that you care. The precise origin of hugging is unknown, but one is born with a sense of hugging. Hugging and hugs have also evolved because of social conditions. The time and pressure of a hug are determined by the context and the intimacy level. For example, because of the comfort you share, you hug your relatives almost so much as you like; while a platonic hug tends to be short and casual in order to avoid sexual or romantic consequences. Hugs can be tricky to maneuver depending on the intention because there are various hugs of their own nature and subtle indications. 

Kiss Day.

Another person or an object is a kiss, pressing one's lips. Kissing varies widely in cultural connotations. A kiss can express, among many others, feelings of love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, peace and good luck, depending on the culture and the context. 

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