Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Ecommerce Vs Amazon And Flipkart. Whats The Future looks like?

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Ecommerce Vs Amazon And Flipkart. Whats The Future looks like?

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Ecommerce Vs Amazon And Flipkart.

Reliance Industries will incorporate the physical marketplace of Reliance Retail with Reliance Jio 's digital infrastructure for an e- commerce platform.

Mukesh Ambani said his company is working on creating the world 's largest online new trade platform, integrated with Jio 's infrastructure and services, to incorporate the power of Reliance Retail 's physical marketplace.

Reliance Industries plans to take on the likes of Amazon and Walmart in India's retail industry by creating an online and traditional shopping platform.

Ambani plans to make use of the more than 5,100 smaller Jio Point stores of the telco in more than five thousand cities and towns to boost the last- mile connectivity of this ecommerce venture, the Economic Times said.

A plan is being put together to develop an ecommerce platform based on an O2O (O2O) business strategy, a person familiar with development told Livemint, by converging RIL 's two consumer-oriented units–Reliance Jio IFCOM Ltd and Reliance Retail Ltd. 

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Ecommerce Vs Amazon And Flipkart.

O2O business strategy attracts potential customers to shop in physical stores through on-line channels. The company plans to consolidate traders on an e-commerce platform that in turn addresses the demand from unscrewed markets, the report said. 

The move is consistent with the Ambani goal in the next 10 years to generate half of the group's income from the consumer companies. 80% of the Group's sales are currently made by its traditional oil and gas business. 

Reliance Retail would set up ecommerce kiosks for the stores at Jio Point, from where shop managers would assist consumers in placing orders. The company will be selling assistive products from all things from the daily supplies of sugar, pulses, soaps and biscuits, to clothing produced from those stores that leverage the telco distribution network. 

Jio Point Stores already account for 10 percent of total consumer electronics sales of Reliance Retail, so it is reported that the company plans to extend the same model to food, food, clothing and footwear. " The company wants to have an e-commerce presence in cities that populate more than 10,000 people, which is 95-98% of the consumer base of India, "the source added., "the company said. 

Can Reliance beat Amazon and Flipkart in e- commerce?

There will be a change in the Indian e-commerce market. Since 2014, reliance industries have continuously diversified their business. Following the company 's 4 year leadership in television, at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit–2019, the company's managing director, Mukesh Ambani, announced that Reliance intends to build an unique e-commerce strategy. The greatest advantage of dependence is Reliance Retail. 

India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, also added that this new Reliance business would provide 1,2 million Gujarat people with jobs. In addition, e-commerce will begin in April or May. These are the alarming words for Amazon India and Flipkart, India's most important e-commerce players. 

Reliance Retail has reported in April 2018 in India to have a total of 3,837 stores. You'd be surprised that Reliance Retail 's annual revenue is $10 billion. What Reliance Retail includes…

  • Reliance Market.
  • Reliance Fresh.
  • Reliance Smart.
  • Reliance Trends.
  • Reliance Digital.
  • Reliance Footprint.
  • Reliance Jewels.

More than 227 million users have been found in Reliance Jio. It may not be necessary to spend millions of dollars on ads, as it can promote millions of FREE users via My Jio app.


We can clearly assert that Indian e- commerce is about to change following knowledge of these things. Mukesh Amarni   is coming and Amazon India and Flipkart can fight a great deal.

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Ecommerce Vs Amazon And Flipkart.


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