Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.


A group of persons who hack for a similar purpose is sometimes described as a "hacker group," Anonymous. However, Anonymous is actually only a group in the sense that several people use the name in their work.

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

Anonymous consists of people who hack without permission into computer systems and receive such data as records of communications, names, addresses, phone number and credit card. In general, behind their attacks, anonymous members have a "greater good." In September, for example, members attacked computer systems from the Texas police and published 3 GB of law enforcement logs which, it justified, shed light on police corruption. Anonymous has also pulled into the public transit system BART in San Francisco and threatened Facebook widely. Anonymous hacking attacks are usually organized by a small number of people and others hop on board as the word transmits from member to member.

Because 2015, you can say that the hackers ' collective known as Anonymous has been a pretty busy year. They attacked Turkey a Denial of Service attack on websites with an extension of. TK just before Christmas. The group accused the Turkish government of "buying oil from them and hospitalising its fighters," supporting ISIS. 40,000 Turkish websites were taken out in protest! 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

In January after the odd assault of Charlie Hebdo (French satirical magazine), 12 people were killed, the group declared war against ISIS. In a first week, the operation named #OpCharlieHebdo, has taken away many of the jihadi fora used by ISIS supporters and members. Lists and social media accounts of alleged ISIS members have also been uploaded to the Pastebin website. 

These nearly altruistic actions can sound very different than what you know about Anonymous, say, in 2009. The group had been associated for a long time only with trolling and general online tomforing.
The facts about anonymous are given below.

They're about to take on anybody.

For several decades, hacktivism has been around. In 1998, in protest of suspected abuse of human rights, a group of hackers, Legions of the Underground, threatened to interrupt Iran's internet access in 1998.
Well, Anonymous does not stop at threats, anybody who goes wrong will feel the collective's wrath. They attack ' enemies ' by disfiguring their websites, releasing sensitive information and crashing websites using DDoS attacks.

In essence, they will fight anybody they feel is a jerk. They are going to struggle And don't think they are concerned only about the ' big problems. ' Ask Donald Trump. Just ask.

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

Everybody can join

There'll be no gatekeeper to stop you if you wish to join Anonymous. However, AnonInsiders recommends that, if you really think about this, instead of joining activism groups operating within the limits of law, you should consider. If you still want to continue with Anonymous, the website will explain how your computer can be encrypted for maximum privacy and how you can contact it using an alias via encrypted Internet connection chats. Over several years, you will have to build relationships and trust before you become a serious hacker. 

If you think the anons are greeted, well. You might be right and you might be wrong. You might be wrong. Although there are good and altruistic members from Anonymous, don't forget they accept anyone. Some are ready to use others as hawks, while others are police informants. The Naive are in prison because the wrong anons were trusted. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

Anonymous Is Not An Organization

On the 4chan website, especially the/b/ discussion board, Anonymous started where fans of the mood came together to post pictures and comment on snarks. Each user received an anonymous screen name to promote irreverence. A subculture of the same minded persons with a strong sense of justice and a desire to wreak havoc developed from/b/. These are the people we now call Anonymous. 

Anonymous does not have a leader, so his symbol is a person without a head. No legitimate code of conduct or infrastructure exists. People of various backgrounds and philosophies, in some cases, just take part in one cause and go away. Barret Brown, a former journalist, describes Anonymous as a number of relations. The most powerful are the ones who can consistently rally others to their cause, just like those who demonstrated their ability by hacking. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

Few people have real skills in hacking.

Because the access barrier is so low, only a handful of anons are elite hackers, with the skills needed to take advantage of system security defects. Why do so many of them have, therefore? This is because they need every computer to attack the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). This kind of attack works by transmitting information to a network overload which causes it to crash. This means that it takes a few hours to open a website offline. This is the same thing if an otherwise small website suddenly becomes more popular. It can not handle the increased flow and crashes and is useless until traffic is returned for administrations and visitors.

 It's a form of protest in essence. The equivalent of activists in the modern day locking arms before a building so that the workers are unable to go to work that day. The truth is that Anonymous is just as effective as the Susan G. Komen foundation in the treatment of breast cancer, meaning that they raise awareness of themselves and the cause. If, over a protest, you are prepared to risk violation of law, godspeed. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

How anonymous works are involved

The next step is to find a cause to support once you have built your Internet alias and have made some friends in the safe IRC. You would find the IRC channel dedicated to this operation and give it support in the chat room, for instance if you wanted to be involved in their operation against Scientology. 

A Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) is the software that Anonymous uses to launch its DDoS attacks. This software can deliver big hits to any web site to your computer. If you disagree with the target, you can remove your computer from the botnet, weakening the ion cannon, and if you disagree with a target. You enter a target URL once the organizer has given the signal, enter the number of hits you want to send (sufficient to overload the network), click a button and then fire off. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

The Ion Cannon is harmful for you

You are not illegal to claim anonymous affiliation or online chat, but you might face serious jail time when using the LOIC.
In 2008, Anonymous launched a series of blows and protests against the Scientological Church. At that time, Anonymous turned political activists from a group of Internet trolls. They flooded the Scientology office with pranks, sent all-black faxes to deplete their ink and even protested, carrying Guy Fawkes masks to hide their identity. Their main weapon was the LOIC, the Scientology website they used to use. 

But the fact that ion cannon attacks were traceable was not realizable in many beginners. Many of them either didn't know what they were doing was illegal or were persuaded not because too many of them were there. Bryan Thomas Mettenbrink, 18, served a year in prison when he used the LOIC, paying the Church of Scientology $20,000 in remuneration. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.


Anonymous launched an especially' dirty' tactic featuring an 18-year old collective member as part of Projekt Chanology. The Anon visited the Scientology Church of HQ in January 2009, Dubbed Agent Pubeit. He came with gifts, not the kind that anyone would like. His upper body had petroleum jelly slathered and toenails and pubic hair stuck all around! 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

When Anon entered the church, the thplot notice rubbed everything in sight. Equipment, walls, all, and guards were unable to touch him. There are some who say it was a silly move, however you have to hand it over to them; the prank was just gross, brilliant and well-knit. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

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