What is value of Time / Get best Knowledge on Time.

"Value of Time"

A very well-known proverb says,' Time and tide don't wait for anyone.' Without time, nothing can happen. With the passage of time, everything is bound to change. Both of these principles show us the significance of time. Time can not be perceived by meaning, but the senses can not perceive without time. Everything created is bound by time while eternity is beyond time and untouched by time. 

Value of Time / Get best speech on Time.

Life has a start and a finish. When a creature is released on this earth from a seed, egg or womb, he comes to life in a pint. This is the beginning of life. Life ceases when the mortal is left and disappears into the thin air. So life is the period in which a being exists on this earth, with a form undergoing its category of biological processes. 

'Life' means everything about living. It concerns the series of actions that the being carries out from birth to death. It is an aggregate of your will, your conduct, your behaviour, your relationship with other entities and the environment, your achievements, your failures. It's all because of the time. Anything can only occur on a time basis. Thus, time is the fabric that weaves the sticking of life.

Value of Time / Get best speech on Time.

It is time that can be thought to have the past, current and future three dimensions. The past is equivalent to everything that has occurred recently or remotely. Present concerns everything that is going on now. The future is what will happen and everything that is in store will happen sooner or later in due course. Therefore, the present is what we experience in real time. Only in the memories of human beings and in the present state of beings is the past stored. It's uncertain about the future. Nobody will be able to predict the future as time passes by. 

Therefore, the present time, as we understand, is important to us. How the present is used depends on the future. Imaginations are not true life and events. Once you escape your mind, you disappear in thin air. In order to achieve results there must be dreams, aspirations, goals and action plans in present. Success therefore depends on the way the current situation is used. The seeds are to be seeded today to grow the plants. Time is therefore very important. 

Value of Time / Get best speech on Time.

While we know when our life began, we do not know when it will come to a close. For whatever reason we might not know we may have to wind up our earthly stay any time. Therefore we have to act properly in order to make the impression that we have lived on this earth. We must always explore ways of using time to the best of our ability, without waste the precious moments on this earth. History of history. History of past. But in the present it is made and stored in past annals. We make history when we use the time correctly. 

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The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.

Earn Money Online

The Internet is full of possibilities for making money online, no doubt you can make a big profit on the Internet. But you need to know correctly and trust me that on the internet it is not so difficult to get. It can even earn a school. Learning how to get online is like graduating, but once you get the idea. Dynamite goes boom. It's going to forever change your life. 

The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.
The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.

Imagine thousands of dollars a day doing little online work. After becoming an internet marketer you can leave 9-5 jobs. I tell you because I earn a great deal of money already. So I want you to make the money too. You all need a laptop with an internet connection, right tools and proper knowledge from everywhere.

In this book, I try to teach you some secret tricks, which you will surely earn from tomorrow, after reading this book. It can even be done by a fool. It's that straightforward. You can also earn with my tricks if you can buy this ebook.

Websites earning and writing of articles

With the article written on the websites, you can earn a lot of money. Know and write some small articles and put them on your website. Make yourself used to posting blogs. Blogs now earn enormous amounts. Choose a niche, and advertise on social web sites (Niche = a particular topic). You can easily obtain and visit regularly your website if your content is original and good. Connect them well and once you have sufficient visitors. Try to charge for the services you provide. Like some special items, or $10 to $20. 

This is how you make $500 to $1000 a day. For instance, "Buy my last and more detailed article for 10 dollars." This is an ordinary idea. So I cannot say how much you can make, I don't know your personally. You may not even be able to turn on a computer. However, if you're little intelligent, within a brief period you can make that much money. For now, don't go to a paid website. You can make your own website within 5 minutes or try to write bloggers from many free website companies online. 

The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.
The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.


Fiverr is a professionals marketplace where people are doing things for $5. From the logo to video ads, videos, artikles etc., look at www.fiverr.com to start with something like a logo design, a product article or something. Logo design is not that hard, all you require is a 10 minute lesson from your favorite image editor on how to make a logo. Photoshop, photoscape or anything doesn't matter. So maybe just five bucks you think? Yeah, assume that 100 orders are received every day

Thirtyx hundred= $3000 per month. When you come up with the idea of a logo, it is two minutes' work.

The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.
The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.


You're an entertainer or just great to talk and perform. You have to show the world. Anything that will distinguish you from others. Show it to Youtube people and get paid for your views. Many Youtube earn a lot of money from Youtube.

A kid's video, playing and dancing with parents, made funny events, won millions of dollars. This platform is very powerful when doing things from the camera just to make money. For anything, you can start online classes, cook videos, teach language classes, paint, do it, and do so. Everything that makes life easy for others combines ideas and gains. Just that simple. Simple. 

The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.
The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.

Affiliate Marketing

The best way to get online money without investing is through affiliate marketing. You must basically promote somebody's product and you will get commission if anyone buys it for your promotion. Ebay, Amazon and nearly all the major e-commerce sites offer membership at no cost. Go to your profile on your social network and promote and buy certain products. You get money. You get money. 

Take a handset example. Take. Make a video about a certain mobile device and tell them about its features and include an affiliate link in the description. And tell them "If there is a link below if you want to purchase this phone" you will buy people and get paid for each sale made through your connection. 

The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.
The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.

Making websites

Making a website today is not a hard task, you can learn it within a day. It's a process of pulling and pulling. The more you learn, the more you gain knowledge. So it's not so difficult to try to learn things and trust me if you're willing to learn them seriously. My dumb friend, who drives a truck and knows nothing about this, earns money from a website. Five grands a month nearly. Promote your services in the company facebook groups after knowing how to make websites. 
When you look at it on a monthly basis, you can earn about $600 per site.

The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.
The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.

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The best tips for Earn Money Online / How to make money Online.

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.


A group of persons who hack for a similar purpose is sometimes described as a "hacker group," Anonymous. However, Anonymous is actually only a group in the sense that several people use the name in their work.

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

Anonymous consists of people who hack without permission into computer systems and receive such data as records of communications, names, addresses, phone number and credit card. In general, behind their attacks, anonymous members have a "greater good." In September, for example, members attacked computer systems from the Texas police and published 3 GB of law enforcement logs which, it justified, shed light on police corruption. Anonymous has also pulled into the public transit system BART in San Francisco and threatened Facebook widely. Anonymous hacking attacks are usually organized by a small number of people and others hop on board as the word transmits from member to member.

Because 2015, you can say that the hackers ' collective known as Anonymous has been a pretty busy year. They attacked Turkey a Denial of Service attack on websites with an extension of. TK just before Christmas. The group accused the Turkish government of "buying oil from them and hospitalising its fighters," supporting ISIS. 40,000 Turkish websites were taken out in protest! 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

In January after the odd assault of Charlie Hebdo (French satirical magazine), 12 people were killed, the group declared war against ISIS. In a first week, the operation named #OpCharlieHebdo, has taken away many of the jihadi fora used by ISIS supporters and members. Lists and social media accounts of alleged ISIS members have also been uploaded to the Pastebin website. 

These nearly altruistic actions can sound very different than what you know about Anonymous, say, in 2009. The group had been associated for a long time only with trolling and general online tomforing.
The facts about anonymous are given below.

They're about to take on anybody.

For several decades, hacktivism has been around. In 1998, in protest of suspected abuse of human rights, a group of hackers, Legions of the Underground, threatened to interrupt Iran's internet access in 1998.
Well, Anonymous does not stop at threats, anybody who goes wrong will feel the collective's wrath. They attack ' enemies ' by disfiguring their websites, releasing sensitive information and crashing websites using DDoS attacks.

In essence, they will fight anybody they feel is a jerk. They are going to struggle And don't think they are concerned only about the ' big problems. ' Ask Donald Trump. Just ask.

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

Everybody can join

There'll be no gatekeeper to stop you if you wish to join Anonymous. However, AnonInsiders recommends that, if you really think about this, instead of joining activism groups operating within the limits of law, you should consider. If you still want to continue with Anonymous, the website will explain how your computer can be encrypted for maximum privacy and how you can contact it using an alias via encrypted Internet connection chats. Over several years, you will have to build relationships and trust before you become a serious hacker. 

If you think the anons are greeted, well. You might be right and you might be wrong. You might be wrong. Although there are good and altruistic members from Anonymous, don't forget they accept anyone. Some are ready to use others as hawks, while others are police informants. The Naive are in prison because the wrong anons were trusted. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

Anonymous Is Not An Organization

On the 4chan website, especially the/b/ discussion board, Anonymous started where fans of the mood came together to post pictures and comment on snarks. Each user received an anonymous screen name to promote irreverence. A subculture of the same minded persons with a strong sense of justice and a desire to wreak havoc developed from/b/. These are the people we now call Anonymous. 

Anonymous does not have a leader, so his symbol is a person without a head. No legitimate code of conduct or infrastructure exists. People of various backgrounds and philosophies, in some cases, just take part in one cause and go away. Barret Brown, a former journalist, describes Anonymous as a number of relations. The most powerful are the ones who can consistently rally others to their cause, just like those who demonstrated their ability by hacking. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

Few people have real skills in hacking.

Because the access barrier is so low, only a handful of anons are elite hackers, with the skills needed to take advantage of system security defects. Why do so many of them have, therefore? This is because they need every computer to attack the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). This kind of attack works by transmitting information to a network overload which causes it to crash. This means that it takes a few hours to open a website offline. This is the same thing if an otherwise small website suddenly becomes more popular. It can not handle the increased flow and crashes and is useless until traffic is returned for administrations and visitors.

 It's a form of protest in essence. The equivalent of activists in the modern day locking arms before a building so that the workers are unable to go to work that day. The truth is that Anonymous is just as effective as the Susan G. Komen foundation in the treatment of breast cancer, meaning that they raise awareness of themselves and the cause. If, over a protest, you are prepared to risk violation of law, godspeed. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

How anonymous works are involved

The next step is to find a cause to support once you have built your Internet alias and have made some friends in the safe IRC. You would find the IRC channel dedicated to this operation and give it support in the chat room, for instance if you wanted to be involved in their operation against Scientology. 

A Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) is the software that Anonymous uses to launch its DDoS attacks. This software can deliver big hits to any web site to your computer. If you disagree with the target, you can remove your computer from the botnet, weakening the ion cannon, and if you disagree with a target. You enter a target URL once the organizer has given the signal, enter the number of hits you want to send (sufficient to overload the network), click a button and then fire off. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

The Ion Cannon is harmful for you

You are not illegal to claim anonymous affiliation or online chat, but you might face serious jail time when using the LOIC.
In 2008, Anonymous launched a series of blows and protests against the Scientological Church. At that time, Anonymous turned political activists from a group of Internet trolls. They flooded the Scientology office with pranks, sent all-black faxes to deplete their ink and even protested, carrying Guy Fawkes masks to hide their identity. Their main weapon was the LOIC, the Scientology website they used to use. 

But the fact that ion cannon attacks were traceable was not realizable in many beginners. Many of them either didn't know what they were doing was illegal or were persuaded not because too many of them were there. Bryan Thomas Mettenbrink, 18, served a year in prison when he used the LOIC, paying the Church of Scientology $20,000 in remuneration. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.


Anonymous launched an especially' dirty' tactic featuring an 18-year old collective member as part of Projekt Chanology. The Anon visited the Scientology Church of HQ in January 2009, Dubbed Agent Pubeit. He came with gifts, not the kind that anyone would like. His upper body had petroleum jelly slathered and toenails and pubic hair stuck all around! 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

When Anon entered the church, the thplot notice rubbed everything in sight. Equipment, walls, all, and guards were unable to touch him. There are some who say it was a silly move, however you have to hand it over to them; the prank was just gross, brilliant and well-knit. 

Anonymous / Know Facts about The Anonymous.

OnePlus 6T - Full phone specifications and Review

OnePlus 6T
OnePlus 6T - Full phone specifications and Review

OnePlus 6T - Full phone specifications and Review is highest and most advanced telephone is undeniably so far. But the 6 T gives a boost in the battery sector and an exciting way to unlock at perfect price. The OnePlus 6 is still great.
In October 2018, OnePlus 6 T was launched. The phone has a 6.41-inch display with 1080 pixel resolution by 2340 pixels. The display is also available. OnePlus 6T price begins with Rs. 37,999 in India.
The OnePlus 6 T is powered by an octa-core (4x2,8GHz) processor and comes with 8 GB of RAM. The 128 GB internal storage is packaged by telephone that can not be increased. In the case of the cameras, OnePlus 6 T is equipped with an 16-megapixel primary camera (f/1.7, 1.22-micron) and a 22-megapixel rear camera and a 16-megapixel front shooter for selfies. 
Launching two phones at a mere six-month difference isn't a simple step, particularly for a company that sets its initial device benchmark. While it seems that a significant upgrade to OnePlus 6 can not take place, the company has launched the OnePlus 6 T this week in accordance with its two-phone year strategy. 
OnePlus says it will only make' T' variants on its smartphones if there is sufficient technological progress that is placed in the phone. The OnePlus 6 T does not look like a major upgrade from outside that has been a constant with other "T" versions but the 6 T does pack some technologically advanced and meaningful upgrades. The specification of Oneplus 6T is given below.
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OnePlus 6T - Full phone specifications and Review


Form typeTouchscreen
Body typeGlass
Dimensions (mm)157.50 x 74.80 x 8.20
Weight (g)185.00
Battery capacity (mAh)3700
Removable batteryNo
Fast chargingProprietary
Wireless chargingNo
ColoursMidnight Black, Mirror Black


Processorocta-core (4x2.8GHz)
Processor makeQualcomm Snapdragon 845
Internal storage128GB
Expandable storageNo


OnePlus 6T - Full phone specifications and Review

The biggest change in the display came with the OnePlus 5 T, in which the company decided to remove extra bezels and to take 18:9. With the introduction of a notch that is shrunk even more in OnePlus 6 T, the process continued on OnePlus 6. This allows more space on screen to fit more icons to the top right and the left of the display. 
The display consists of a 19.6:9 aspect ratio AMOLED 6.41-inch table. The telephone doesn't feel wide in hand despite the big screen size, because of its 85.6 percent body screen ratio.
This time also, no upgrade is available in the display resolution. It has a full HD display (2340x 1080p) with a density of 402ppi. But the AMOLED display on the OnePlus 6 T still offers excellent image quality in all honesty. The colors pop, they look immersive and the details are uncompromising. 

Screen size (inches)6.41
Resolution1080x2340 pixels
Protection typeGorilla Glass
Aspect ratio19.5:9


Operating systemAndroid 9.0


Rear camera16-megapixel (f/1.7, 1.22-micron) + 20- megapixel (f/1.7, 1-micron)
Rear autofocusPhase detection autofocus
Rear flashDual LED
Front camera16-megapixel (f/2.0, 1-micron)
Front flashNo


Wi-Fi standards supported802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
BluetoothYes, v 5.00
USB Type-CYes
Number of SIMs2
Active 4G on both SIM cardsYes
SIM TypeNano-SIM
4G/ LTEYes
Supports 4G in India (Band 40)Yes
SIM TypeNano-SIM
4G/ LTEYes
Supports 4G in India (Band 40)Yes


Face unlockYes
Fingerprint sensorYes
Compass/ MagnetometerYes
Proximity sensorYes
Ambient light sensorYes
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OnePlus 6T - Full phone specifications and Review

Valentine's day, Rose Day, Hug Day and Other days with Image in Detail.

Valentine's day

On February 14, each year, Valentine's Day is celebrated. It's the year that love is in the air. This is also the ideal time for your boyfriends, girlfriends, friends and family to know how much you mean. Valentine Week is celebrated in the days preceding Valentine's day. There is a special importance every day of this week. Valentine's first day is celebrated on the 7th of February as Rose Day.The next day is Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day and Promise Day. The week ends on February 14 with the much anticipated Valentine's day, celebrated as a day of love worldwide. 

When I was young, no one called the Valentines Day or everybody called the day of Saint Valentine. Radhanath Swami explains the true meaning of Valentine Day when I was young. You remember? You remember? They are just calling it Valentine's day because they don't want to think of holy people (laughing). Because it is actually totally inconsistent with the whole idea of the day of Valentine. Who was Valentine's holy? Two holy valentines were there. And both of them were celibate monks that preached the conscience of God. One of these priests was the Catholic priest who, in the second half of the Third Century, lived in Rome and preached the message of the love of God with great enthusiasm; that means just two and a half hundred years after Jesus Christ. And while preaching Christianity is contrary to the law, it was a criminal activity, preaching, risking his life and brahmachari. 

He was a priest who, for preaching the instructions of love of God, sacrificed his life as a member of the family, had every relationship with sex and was arrested, tortured and killed. He is one of the Catholic Church 's great martyrs. Then he was a bishop in the catholic church, the second Valentine's saint. He was also a celibate monk who dedicated his entire life to the conscience of God, and was a priest, and tortured and killed him because of his unwillingness to give up preaching devotion to God. Saint the Valentine who sacrificed all of the pleasures of this World to serve God, the two great personalities, the life itself. So today you might wonder what Valentine's Day has to do with Bombay. I see no celibate, at least they are not supposed to give valentines. But Valentine's saint has been celibate. 

As his mother, he respected each woman. But a little bit different as the date of the murder of both these saints was February 14, so 14 February is the mid-second month of the year in England and Frankreich. It's like spring starts. Yes? Yes? Yes? We celebrate basant panchami tomorrow, early spring. 

Now, just this spring, what people saw is begging, on February 14, men and women met in the trees and caught up together. This is the season of the match. The opening of the birds and beasts match season. So, for what it is, devotees view it. But they are very appealed to romantic materialists when they see a male bird and a female bird biting each other with their beaks and having sex. Something very nice is considered. Since the middle of February it was the day that birds mate, they thought it was a day for us to consecrate your passionate love with others. Because that is what the birds do, it was the day when Valentine's saint was murdered, so that it became known as the Valentine's saint day. 

So what Saint Valentine's day really means, for a religious person, is that they give up everything and are willing to suffer torture and murder at the Lord's service. This is Valentine's Day for a Vaisnava or a devotee. But St Valentine's Day is a materialist person's path in the footsteps of lustful birds.

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Rose Day

Every 7th of February the very first day of the love week is known as the ROSE Day. This is both the most beautiful and the most exciting day of the love week because people can express their thoughts to whom they love or who they would like to make friends or friends. You can not only express your love to friends, teachers, family members, colleagues, etc. through the day of Valentine's Rose. 

Propose Day.

As the title suggests, the day you can express your feelings about your loved ones is the day you propose. This is Valentine's second day. This year's Propose Day is going to fall on Friday. Use this day to make your crush aware of your liking, or to share with a dear man your feelings. 

Chocolate Day

Maybe the best day of Valentine's week, particularly for sweet toothed people. Every year, on February 9, Chocolate Day is celebrated. Saturday is going to fall this year. On Chocolate Day you can make your feelings kindergarten, friend or family. Chocolates have been used to signify love for many years and they are dedicated to the third day of Valentine's Week. 

Teddy Day.

What better way than with an adorable bear to say "I love you? " Sunday to celebrate teddy day surprise your friend or another significant with a cute teddy bear. They are the perfect gift for all, even parents of this Valentine's week, from couples to sisters. 

Promise Day.

Promise Day is an important day of Valentine's Week. On the day of the promise, people reaffirm their commitment to a relationship and vow a permanent bond. Promise Day is going to fall on Monday this year. Use this day to text a beloved one and let them know what loyalty and love they mean for you. 

Hug day.

A hug comes to the rescue when words fail. On Hug Day, hug your partner, friend or family. Hugs are probably the most widely used way to show that you care. The precise origin of hugging is unknown, but one is born with a sense of hugging. Hugging and hugs have also evolved because of social conditions. The time and pressure of a hug are determined by the context and the intimacy level. For example, because of the comfort you share, you hug your relatives almost so much as you like; while a platonic hug tends to be short and casual in order to avoid sexual or romantic consequences. Hugs can be tricky to maneuver depending on the intention because there are various hugs of their own nature and subtle indications. 

Kiss Day.

Another person or an object is a kiss, pressing one's lips. Kissing varies widely in cultural connotations. A kiss can express, among many others, feelings of love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, peace and good luck, depending on the culture and the context. 

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