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What is Topology.

Topology :

A  topology is the plan of a network, including its hubs and interfacing lines. There are two different ways of characterizing system geometry: the physical topology and the logical  (or flag) topology. 

The physical topology of a system is the genuine geometric format of workstations. There are a few regular physical topologies, as depicted beneath and as appeared in the delineation.

Types of Network Topology :

Network Topology is the  network arrangement, connecting various nodes through a line of connection.

BUS Topology :

In bus topolgy all the nodes are connected through the single cable.


Highlights of Bus Topology :

  • It transmits information just one way. 
  • Each gadget is associated with a solitary link.

Favorable circumstances of Bus Topology :

  • It is less in cost. 
  • Link required is least contrasted with other system topology. 
  • Utilized in little systems or network.
  • It is easy to configure.
  • Simple to increases combining two links. 

Drawbacks of Bus Topology :

  • Links fail then entire system comes up short or fail. 
  • In the event that arrange traffic is increases or pc's are more the execution of the system speeds slows. 
  • cable  has a fix length. 
  • It is slower than the ring topology.  
RING Topology :

It is called ring topology since it shapes a ring as every PC is associated with another PC, with the last one associated with the first. Precisely two neighbors for every gadget.


Favorable circumstances of Ring Topology :

  • Transmitting system isn't influenced by high traffic or by including more hubs or node, as just the node having tokens can transmit information. 
  • Less in cost to introduce and grow .

Drawbacks of Ring Topology :

  • Finding troublesome in ring topology is dificult.
  • Including or erasing the PCs disturb the system network. 
  • crash  of one PC disturb the entire system network. 

STAR Topology :


In this kind of topology every one of the PCs are associated with a center node or hub point through a link. This center point is the focal hub and all others node are associated with the focal hub. 

Favorable circumstances of Star Topology :

  • Each hub has its very own devoted connection with the center point or focal hub.
  • Center hub acts as a repeater for information stream. 
  • Can be utilized with twister cable, Optical Fiber or coaxial cable. 
  • fast speed with couple of pc's and low traffic. 
  • Center point can be updated easily. 
  • Simple to find error. 
  • Simple to setup and change. 
  • Just that pc's is influenced which has fail, rest of the other pc's can work easily

Drawbacks of Star topology :

  • Cost of establishment or installation is high. 
  • Costly to use. 
  • If the hub is fail then the total  network is disturbed.

Mesh Topology :

It is a point-to-point association toward different pc's or node. All the system pc's are associated with one another. 


Favorable circumstances of Mesh Topology :

  • Completely associated. 
  • Every association can convey its own responsiblity and capability. 
  • It is powerful. 
  • Gives security and privacy. 

Drawbacks of Mesh Topology :

  • Establishment and setup is troublesome. 
  • Cabling cost is more. 
  • Mass wiring is required. 

Tree Topology :

It has a root hub and every single other pc's are associated with it shaping a tree system. It is likewise called various leveled topology. It ought to in any event have three dimensions to the pecking order. 


Favorable circumstances of Tree Topology :

  • Extension of bus and star topologies. 
  • Expansion of pc's is easy and simple. 
  • Easy to manage and maintain as comape other. 
  • Mistake identification is effectively done. 
Drawbacks of Tree Topology 

  • Too much cabled. 
  • High in cost. 
  • On the off chance that more pc's are included upkeep is difficult.
  • Focal hub point falls fail, .whole network is sttoped. 
Hybrid Topology :

It is two unique sorts of topologies which is a blend of at least two topologies. For example if in an office in one office ring topology is utilized and in another star topology is utilized, interfacing these topologies will result in Hybrid Topology (ring topology and star topology). 


Favorable circumstances of Hybrid Topology :
  • It is a blend of two or more topologies . 
  • Dependable as Error identifying and investigating is simple. 
  • Powerful. 
  • Versatile as size can be expanded effectively.
Drawbacks of Hybrid Topology :
  • Complex in structure. 
  • high in cost.

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