Types of Network(lan,wan,man).

Types of Network(lan,wan,man)

What is Network

}  A collection of computing devices that are connected in various ways i.e(topologys) in order communicate and share resources.
}  The generic term node and host refers to any device on a network.

Type of network

}  LAN (LOCAL AREA NETWORK).           


A personal area network (PAN)is smallest network which is vary personal to user.
This may include bluetooth enabled device or infra-red enbled devices.
PAN has connectivity range up to 10 metrs.
PAN may include wireless computer keyboard and mouse ,bluetooth enabled head phones ,wireless printer and tv remote.


Example of local area network is office, building, school, network etc.
Range like small distance like one room.
In one LAN network we add maximum 1000 pc’s.
Use wired connection mostly & Eathernet cable is used for connectivity .
Ownership is private.
Data transmission speed is high.
Central server for data transmission.

MAN(metropolition area network)

Range is between 75 to 80 km.

Use two & more Local Area Network connection for create a network.
Ownership is both public and private.
Data transmission speed is moderate.
It is use for city to city data connectivity.
It has more to installation .for example TV cable and ATM.

WAN(wide area network)

User for globle connetivity.
Ownership is PUBLIC & PRIVATE both.
Installation & maintenance is more difficult .
Data transmission speed is SLOW.
It is wired and wireless both.
It is also called Core internet.
Used Telephone line leased line is satellites for data sharing.

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