Operating System / what is Operating System in detail.

Operating System

An operating system is a program which operates as an interface between computer hardware and software.

The operating system is a software that controls computer entire operation and manages program processing by allocating storage space in memory and controlling input and output functions.

It is an integrated set of special programs for handling & controls the computer's total resources and operations.

Operating System

It is a software that handles and monitors the execution of all other programs, such as software applications and other system software.

Operating System video

Goles of Operating System

Efficient and reasonable resources sharing between users and programs.

To manage a computer system 's resources

Track uses the resource, give resource requests and arbitrate conflicting requests from various programs and users.

Makes the computer comfortable to use efficiently.

To make the computer system easy to use efficiently.

The computer system is designed to run user programs and facilitate tasks.

Operating System Functions

Processor managment, that is allocation of processor to different works being done by computer system.

Memory management, that is assignment of main memory and other storage areas to the system programs,user programs and data.

Input/Output management, that is proper interaction and allocation of the various input and output devices when different programs are being executed.

File management, that is keeping record of fiels on various storage devices and move all these fiels from ine device to another.

Ggive emphasis on buildind a job priority system. that is it finds out and keeps record of order in which jobs are to be executed in the computer system.

Switching from job to job as guided by special control staements automatically.

Understand the meaning of commonds and instruction.

Making interface and allocation of compilers, assemblers,utility programs,etc.

Buliding mechanism of data security and integrity.

Genration of traces,error messages, and other debugging and error detecting facitity.

Windows Operating System

Microsoft began developing operating systems for computers with MSDOS 1.0 in 1981.Windows is a series of Microsoft- developed operating systems.

Each Windows version has a graphical user interface with a desktop that allows users to view windows files and folders.

Windows has been the most commonly used operating system for PCs on personal computers for the last two decades.


Microsoft Windows is programmed for home and professional computing applications.Windows is designed to run on standard x86 hardware, such as processors Intel and AMD.

Windows home editions include Windows 3.0( 1990), Windows 3.1( 1992), Windows 95( 1995), Windows 98( 1998), Windows Me( 2000), Windows XP( 2001) and Windows Vista( 2006).

Operating System

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