Dear sir / Madam

           I ……………………  Am the student of ……………….. at department of business administration APS University doing Research on the title “An analytical study on change in financial aspects after joint venture of ICICI Bank and prudential life insurance in Dellhi “  as the part of curricular programme and for the purpose for the same I Need your kind support by filing up the following questionnaire I assure you’re the responses given by you will be kept confidential and will be use for research purpose only. It will take 5 to 10 minutes of your time.

(Put the tick mark on correct option as per you)

1.       Do you invest your money ?
(I)                 YES                                                      (II) NO                    

             If yes , do you invest in insurance plans ?
(i)                  YES                                                      (II) NO                     

           If yes, are you aware of all the insurance company in the market: (multiple ticks)
  (I)                 SBI Life                                  (II) HDFC Standard life         

            (III)  ICICI Prudential life                    (IV) LIC                                     

             (v)  Bajaj Alliance                         

2.  Rank your preference as per yours investment among the following companies :                    
(I)                 SBI Life                                  (II) HDFC Standard life        
            (III)  ICICI Prudential life                    (IV) LIC                                     
           (v)  Bajaj Alliance                        
3. Are you aware about the joint venture among the ICICI & prudential ?
(I)                    YES                                                     (II) NO                    
(II)               Can’t say              

4. Are you aware that ICICI is a Indian bank and prudential is insurance company at USA .
(I)                    YES                                                         (II) NO               
(III)             Can’t say                       
5. Do you think that the venture between ICICI and prudential in successfully working:
            (I) Strongly Disagree                                              (II)     Agree        
           (III) Not Agree Not Disagree                                 (IV) Disagree      
(IV)               Disagree                   
6. This Venture makes you to invest in ICICI prudential a preference to insurance:

            (I) Strongly Disagree                                              (II)     Agree         
           (III) Not Agree Not Disagree                                 (IV) Disagree    
(I)                   Disagree                   

7. The reasons which makes you to prefer ICICI prudential as your insurance company:
       (SD= Strongly disagree, D= Disagree, A= Agree, SA=Strongly Agree, NAND= Not Agree not disagree)

(A)      ICICI bank is a Indian company and had strong image.

(B)      Prudential is a foreign company and had strong market.

(C)       Processing in availing insurance plan in easy.

(D)       Claiming the insurance is simple and process fast.

(E)       Having varieties in investment in insurance plan.
(Like can avail insurance with small amount of money.)

Name (Optional): ………………………………………………………….
                                                                                                                                                                     Thank you .

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