How to learn english fast.

How to learn english fast

Friends, learning to speak English is a big business in our country. Especially in small towns it has a lot of craze. You will see the place-related ads related to English Speaking, "Learn to speak English in 90 hours,", "Join XYZ School of Language" for frank English.

But is this school really so effective? Probably not! Because they already set the wrong expectation! It is very difficult to speak a language with ease after learning only 90 hours.

Yes, it may be that some days you will be a little more fluent than before, but there are very few people who can really attribute their English speaking ability to such a school. If you are already well If you speak English and then go to such a place then it can be beneficial for you, otherwise it would be good for you to go with this mindset that by going to such a school you can start one but After leaving Aँ still need to be fitted with full dedication long time.

So let me first share with you some myths related to speaking English:

Grammar should be good for speaking English:

This is a very big myth, you think that when you learned to speak Hindi, did you know about nouns, pronouns, etc.? Did not know, because he did not need it, you just learned it by looking at others. Similarly, to speak English, knowledge of Grammar is not necessary. Due to good education from English Medium school, I speak good English, but if you take my Tenses test, it will be difficult for me to pass. 

How to learn english fast.

Those who study English Medium can speak good English:

This is also wrong. Talking about my home, my elder brother has studied Hindi medium, but today he works as Senior Consultant and writes very good English. If you have not found such a schooling where you can learn to speak English, then do not regret it, what happened before is past, present is in your hands, what you could not learn earlier, you can learn now, in fact as an adult you They are responsible for their own achievement or failure.

In a few days it can be learned to speak English:

wrong ! It takes time to learn any language other than its mere language. How long it will take will vary from person to person. But I believe that if someone knows a little bit of English beforehand and if they try dedicatedly, then they can learn to speak good English in 6 months.

To speak English it is necessary to have a good vocabulary:

No, the vocabulary is as good as it is, but you will already know all the words that are spoken in general, common-voice tricks or you will know them with a little effort. Actually, the words we know are just a matter of putting them in the right place. Many times I have seen people rote from one to one hard words, but doing so puts your energy in a place where there is no need to apply it at the moment.

How to learn english fast.

If you believe any of the myths given above, get rid of them now, and follow the suggestions given below to learn spoken English.

12 tips to learn spoken english

1. Make your environment English:

The one thing that is most important in learning any language is our environment. After all, how do we start speaking our language at a young age: - Because 24X7 we live in an environment where the same language is spoken, read, and heard. That is why if we want to learn to speak English, we should make our environment as English as possible. For this you can do something like this:

*Start reading English Newspaper instead of Hindi newspaper.
*Listen to English songs instead of Hindi songs.
*Watch English programs / movies of your interest.
*Make your room as English as you can…. English posters,   Hollywood actors, English books, Cds… whatever way you make   it English.

How to learn english fast.

2. Create a group with people who want to learn spoken English like you:

Find some friends who want to learn to speak English like you. If there is someone like this in your house, then it is even better. But if not, find such people, and the closer they are to your home, the better. Talk to such friends more and more and only in English. Yes, if you want, you can do the same thing on mobile.

 3. Create a mentor:

Make someone your mentor who knows good English, a friend of yours, a relative of yours, a neighbor, an institute who teaches English…. Anyone who is ready to help you. You need to get as much help from your mentor as possible. Even if you do not get a mentor, you do not have to be disappointed, you continued in your efforts, your work would be easy to meet the mentor, but even if you do not get it, you can learn this language with your efforts.

 4. Do not attempt to speak correct English from day one:

If you do this, then you will be confused whether you are right or wrong. First one - two months without any tension that comes in the mouth, do not think that you are grammatically correct or not. It is important that you gradually erase your hesitation.

5. Alert to learn English:

Although I give credit for my spoken English to my school St.Paul’s, but due to my alertness to English, I have also learned a lot. When I used to watch an English program on TV, I used to pay attention to how words are being pronounced, and how a word is being used in a sentence. Apart from this, I had also made a diary to learn new words, in which I used to write the words which I could not understand while reading the newspaper, and using it to form a sentence, it made it easier to remember the meaning of the word.

How to learn english fast.

6. Read by speaking:

Everyday you read an article or story in English either alone or in a loud voice in your group. By reading and speaking, your pronunciation will be correct, and confidence in speaking will also increase.

 7. Use Mirror:

I knew to speak English, but I also lacked fluency, I often used to stand alone in front of a mirror and speak in English. And still if I have to give a presentation or interview, then I prepare myself by practicing twice in front of the mirror. You can also use the mirror in your home to improve your spoken English. The biggest benefit of speaking in front of a glass is that you will not have any hesitation and you will be able to improve yourself.

8. Enjoy the process:

See learning to speak English as an enjoyment, do not make it a burden for yourself. Move beyond the speed that is comfortable for you comfortably. But this does not mean that you reduce your efforts completely, but when you enjoy it, your efforts in this direction themselves will increase even more. You should also think that when you start speaking fluently, then you will feel good, your confidence will also increase and you will start moving towards success.

How to learn english fast.

 9. Start thinking in English:

When a person thinks something in the mind, naturally he thinks only in his own language. But since you are committed to learning English, then think of what you think in English as well. Know that your small efforts will reach your destination fast.

10. Read things that are easy to understand:

Children's English comics can help you, the pictures given in it will help you understand the story and even simple sentence formation will make you hold on to the spoken sentences in common speech.

12. Don't loose interest:

Most of the time it happens that people start learning English with great enthusiasm. They do most of the things that I mentioned above, but the problem is that everyone wants to go to their comfort zone. Your comfort zone is Hindi, so after a few days you will again pull it towards you and your atmosphere from above will also support the same.

So you have to show some courage here, you have to keep your interest your enthusiasm. For this, you put a little innovation in your activities related to English.

13.Use your Television

Just a few days ago I went to Faridabad with my brother, my 3-year-old nephew was watching Chota Bheem cartoon with great fun, I notice that the channel's language is set to English. I think this is a good way to learn English, the language of cartoons made for children is simple and the animation going on with it makes it easy to understand. You can also use this method. Apart from this, you can also watch such channels in which subtitles come. This will also help you in learning the language.

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What are the frequencies? Means, Definition, Symbol and Formula

What are the frequencies? Means, Definition, Symbol and Formula

Frequency Meaning.

In general, frequency is a measure of how often something happens over a period of time. In science and technology, frequencies are measured in Hz (hertz).

With respect to the CPU, frequency refers to the processor's operational clock cycle per second. The frequency of most modern CPUs is measured in GHz (GHz) or billions of cycles per second.

Frequency alternating electrical current is the number of oscillations (oscillations).

The term frequency can be referred to as an electromagnetic wave per second, such as a sound wave or light wave. The frequency of light determines its color, as seen by the human eye. Similarly, the frequency of sound determines its pitch, as heard by a human's ear.

What are the frequencies? Means, Definition, Symbol and Formula

Definition of frequency

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? Or, more than this point, why is anything colored? Your father's voice was deep, and your mother's voice was not so deep. Whether it is color, or notes on the piano, all of these things are explained by frequency.

Frequency is a property of a wave. We are surrounded by waves every day. Light is an electromagnetic wave, and the fan sound in your computer is a sound wave. A wave (wave) is a vibration that carries energy with it. The frequency of a waveform is the number of waves that pass through each second, and is measured in Hertz (Hz). For example, the frequency of a sound wave can be 450 Hz.

What are the frequencies? Means, Definition, Symbol and Formula

Frequency is the number of oscillations  per minute. It is used to define cycle processes such as rotation, oscillation, wave etc. The completion of a cycle process at particular intervals of time is known as frequency.

The SI unit of frequency is Hertz. The symbol λ represents this. A Hertz means that the wave completes one cycle in a second. The traditional unit for measuring cycle processes is revolution per second, which is equal to one hertz.

Frequency is a parameter that describes the oscillation and vibrational phenomena, such as mechanical vibrations, sound signals, light, frequency waves, etc. The term "period" represents the time required by the waveform for an oscillation, that is, it is inversely proportional to the frequency.

Frequency is the total number of oscillations per unit time. If we take the example of flash, the period is the time between two flash. And frequency is the total number of flash per second.

Relation Between Wave & Frequency

Relationship between waveform between frequencies.
Wave is a type of disturbance that is used to transfer information. Information is transferred as oscillations. Wave is the occurrence of period and wave frequency oscillations. The duration of the wave is the difference between the wave and the frequency of the wave is the number of waves per unit time. 

Types of Frequency:

Frequencies are mainly classified into two categories.

1) Angular Frequency:

Angular Frequency refers to the number of revolutions at certain intervals of time. The unit of angular frequency is Hertz. The relationship between Frequency and Angular Frequency is expressed as-

Where ,, ω - angular frequency

2) Spatial Frequency

The frequency that depends on the spatial coordinate is known as the spatial frequency. It is inversely proportional to the wavelength. Spatial Frequency measures the characteristic of a structure that is periodic in space.

Relationship Between Frequency And Wavelength

What is the relationship between frequency and wavelength?

The wavelength and frequency of light are closely related. High frequency, low wavelength. Because all light waves pass through a vacuum at the same speed, the number of waves passing through a given point in a second depends on the wavelength. The number, also known as the frequency, is larger for a short-wavelength than a long-wavelength.

The equation that relates the wavelength and frequency for electromagnetic waves:

λν = c

Where λ is the wavelength

ν is the frequency

And c is the speed of light

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what is system on chip?

what is system on chip

An integral circuit or an IC, which is a single platform and integrates an entire electronic or computer systems, is a chip-based system, also known as SoC. It is an entire system on a single chip, just as its name suggests. The elements that a SoC typically attempts to integrate into itself include, among other things, a central processing unit, input and output ports, internal memory, and analog input and output blocks. It can perform a variety of functions, including signal processing, wireless communication, artificial intelligence and more, depending on the kind of device that has been reduced to the size of a computer.

A SoC is designed specifically to meet the standards for integrating many computer component electronic circuits into a single integrated chip. The SoC fabricates all necessary circuits in one package, instead of a device that montages several chips and components to a circuit board.

Higher prototype and architecture costs, more complex debuggering and reduced IC returns are among the challenges for a SoC. IC is not economical and requires time to produce. But this will change with the continuing development and implementation of the technology.

What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?

What is the difference between SoC and a CPU it is question which is rises in the beginners of IT or computer hardware field so let's starts. The CPU finally has a competition from a new start called SoC after more than 50 years in front of the heap. You can go into a store for decades and select a new computer based on your CPU–and now, from smartphones to tablets, and even laptops, SoCs come into being everywhere you look. Don't be worried, however, CPUs and SoCs are pretty much the same and almost all you know about CPUs can be used for SoC's. In this image you can see the apple SoC.

What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?
What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?

What is CPU ?

A core of CPU is merely a calculator. It can not do much but crack a memory-reading program. A good example is an Intel x86 CPU. In addition to the Front Side Bus (FSB), the CPU rely on other chips, providing the required bridges from FSB to DDR. The chips are called bridge chips. The Bridge North and the Bridge South. Typically an Intel x86 CPU flavor must be coupled with the respective bridge chip family. 

It is ultimately a very rapid calculator despite the strong emphasis placed on CPU technology and performance. It collects memory data, and then performs some kind of logical (and, or ,not) arithmetic operation on that data. It is more costly and complex the CPU, the faster your computer can process the more data it processes. 

What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?
What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?

However, a CPU is not an individual computer itself— it requires a whole set of silicon chips. There needs to be a memory to hold the data, an audit chip to decode and amplify your music and a graphics processor that can draw pictures from your monitor. 

what is SoC?

One or more CPU cores are included in a SoC. A system-on-chip is a SoC. It's far more than just a CPU. A CPU is usually known as a microprocessor. A SoC can be called a "microcontroller" Sometimes .

A typical SoC has some or all of the CPU interfaces with the same die or packet as the center of the CPU. So that a SoC has DDR, PCI, PCIe interface, etc. 

What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?
What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?

The SoC usually offers pin numbers. With the density of the interfaces offered, it is ridiculous to have more pins to support each independently. So a SoC uses a door sometimes referred to as a pin mux. As a component of the SoC, it controls the interfaces through which pins can be accessed. The exercise of selecting a software involves finding one with all the interfaces, which support all these interfaces in conjunction with a specific pin mux configuration. If it doesn't, no matter what you do, you won't be able to get what you want from the SoC.

What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?
What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?

Almost all of these components are incorporated into one silicone chip by a Socket  to name it fully. In addition to a CPU, SoC usually contains a GPU, memory, USB controller, power management system and wireless radio (Wi-Fi, 3 G, 4 G LTE, etc.).). Without tens of other chips, a CPU can only operate with a single SoC, and you can only create complete computers. 

 Difference between an CPU and SoC.

The advantage of SoC number one is its size: a SoC is a bit bigger than a CPU, but still has many more functions. Using a CPU, it's very difficult to square a computer less than 10 cm (4 inches) because you just have to squeeze in a few chips. We can place full computers on smartphones and tablets with software sound systems and still have plenty of room. 

What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?
What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?

Due to its very high integration rate and much shorter cables, a SoC also uses much less power–once again, mobile computers have a great advantage. Reducing the number of physical chips  SoC means that building a computer using a computer is also considerably cheaper. 

A SoC has a complete lack of flexibility, the only true disadvantage. You can always use your PC to set up a new CPU, GPU or RAM — your smartphone is not able to do likewise. SoCs which you can buy in the future may be wasteful and expensive, however, because it's all integrated, only if you want to add more RAM. 

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What is the difference between SoC and a CPU core?